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India’s Dilemma: Social Media Boon or Curse


When we think about social media, we connect with people and enjoy ourselves. But really, social media is not so much fun, just we are impressed and believe in its propoganda.

“There are only two industries that call their customers ‘users’: illegal drugs and software” ~ Edward Tufte

The most popular social media in India are Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. We feel like they are free and amazing but the truth is that they sell !! They sell us, they sell our time, they sell our attention.
Yes!! You are the product.

All those ads that are sold with recommendations keeping you in mind, which we always ignored but are based on your psychology.

They come with a propaganda
to influences and divert your ideology and the way we see the things.

“Stop texting first and see how many dead plants you’ve been watering.”

Social media made people hate each other. it start making more anxious about how do we look? how rich are we? how happy are we?
Which makes us more jealous!

Everything in social media works as per algorithms. But it’s unable to stop fake news. Having disastrous effects, it has killed and injured countless people.

One of the most controversial things about social media is its demonstration policy.
Every platform is influenced by their ideology. They start removing and limiting the reach of the content and creator on ideological bias.
Even in India especially on YouTube, videos get removed just for having a few words from the ideology that they don’t support.
Smashing patriarchy? NO!
Smashing FOE/FOS? AAH yes!

Now the question arises, how badly India and Indians are affected?!

Many incidents of hatred being propagated by Social Media for instance:
Tiktok vs youtube, BJP vs Congress, North Indians vs South Indians and countless more.
Now, people having different ideologies hate each other more then ever.

Facts being manipulated, loaded with propaganda are being served to you and you can’t even help it.

Teens getting more anxious and harming themselves is evident by the growing suicidal rates in teens at an alarming rate.
They spend on inapp –purchases especially online games and trends of “beauty” which don’t even matter in real life.
Also, many handles and pages all over web are funded by political parties and organizations to spread propaganda and divert facts in a way that suits their ideologies. And worst result? RIOTS!
The most recent one is the Bangalore riots which was in reaction to a Facebook post, resulting in unrest and mass destruction of public and personal properties.

So what can we do?!
It’s 21 century and we have to move ahead with the world. Addicted or not, one can’t really stop using social media.

Here’s what we can do to minimise it’s ill effects on us:
Check the ideology of the information provider.

Here’s what we can do to minimise it’s ill effects on us:
Check the ideology of the information provider.

Minimize the usage of phones.
Turn off notifications.
Always observe yourself and your family how it is affecting you and your family.
Before you share, self-fact check, consider the source.
For parents, check what your kids watching.
Observe how the app is influencing us, if it doesn’t, delete or limit it’s use.

This article is based on Netflix’s –social dilemma and personal experience.



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