Indian economy is neither on life support nor is dying, just weak, will bounce back, trust Modi

Some species of Homo sapiens in India were born (even before Modi) just to abuse and oppose Modi, our Honourable Prime Minister.  For the jobless, venom spitting, negative intelligentsia, criticizing Modi ruthlessly is the career and they might have been also paid by some ‘veiled hands’ which is vanishing from the political map of India.  Soon the ‘hand’ may find an important place in the Red Data Book of IUCN as an extinct political ideology. 

The reference of ‘act of God’ by our Honourable Finance Minister to describe the pandemic and how it had posed challenge to our economy should be debated based on the spirit and sense of the reference and not by raising a counter question that, is God above Modi or how a few months before the pandemic itself, India had witness a dip in our economy etc.   The people who suffered defeat, rejection and neglect either by people of India or by own political party is the real reason for such pathological rant’ which need to worry the most and not about the dip in GDP.

Modi has brought several structural reforms in all most all frontiers of our governance.  Any such massive reform initiative is bound to slow down our growth because the corrupt system established by the previous congress regime and the most corrupt coalition governments led by the congress party, has to adopt and adjust to the new transparent, accountable system created by Modi and only then it can perform better.  Until such time, a level of uncertainty is imminent. 

Contraction or regression of GDP is been hyped so high to caricature Modi as villain and who has destroyed our economy by those corrupts who are enjoying their freedom to abuse Modi because of the bail that is been granted to them by our judicial system.   Otherwise they would have been celebrating the neighbourhood joy with Lalu Prasad Yadav.

The abbreviation GDP may resonate great for a TV debate but for the ordinary man, his income and employability alone matters.  The lockdown measures taken by Modi to arrest the spread of novel coronavirus was indeed senseless.  Had Modi applied his political wisdom he would not have harmed India but he was forced to consult the so called experts in Medicine in India, which many believe has caused holocaust to our nation.

The experience, knowledge and intelligence of ICMR in general, is well known to many.  So is the wisdom of many government research institutions in India.  Therefore consulting them and taking any decision based on their advice would be far more dangerous than taking a simple political decision to deal corona pandemic because most of those great scientists live in ivory tower without knowing the reality of diverse India.  

In one TV debate, a ‘great doctor’ who participated had suggested that people should close the seat cover of the western toilet before flushing so that the virus that enters the toilet during defecation can be minimized from spreading to the air.  Are Indian poor using western toilets? Another great doctor came up with the suggestion that people must strictly follow 6 feet social distancing and while in debate or discussion in offices must sit not face to face but must show their back to each other and then discuss.  Imagine if such people are the one who are framing our health policy means such policies and advisories will not have even an iota of sync with the reality of India. 

Modi could not apply his political wisdom in arresting the pandemic and hence he has to go for lockdown, as per the world norms.  When such drastic measure was taken, naturally it was bound to cause several serious repercussions. 

It is always said that the peace that comes after a war will be the real peace because such peace will bring new purpose and meaning to our existence.  Instead of Indians becoming pessimistic about the lockdown or pandemic or keep complaining about Modi, must re-energise their commitment and must display willingness to do extra hard work to improve the economy and glory of India. 

All those who are pathologically engaged in abusing and criticising Modi without any logic and substance might have been paid for the same and therefore the ordinary people should not fall into the trap of those criticizing Modi and instead must work hard to build the nation and economy. 

The GDP dip is like mild fever to our economy.  Certainly when we suffer from mild fever, it is bound to cause tiredness and dullness.  But within days we will recover and the fever becomes history.  So shall the GDP dip.  Japan was totally destroyed by Word War II but today Japan is one of the far developed countries in the world due to hard work and integrity. 

Modi brought several reforms also to change the mind set of many from casual, bribe centric attitude to become responsible and accountable to the profession and nation. 

Those intellectuals who yell and cry over GDP dip must put their extra efforts to build the nation and economy and not just regurgitate their Modi hatred.  More they hate and abuse Modi, more people are going to love and admire Modi. 

Modi is successful because of his personal integrity, vision and also he is connected with people.  India has given him absolute majority to take certain bold decisions which are needed for a stable India, which therefore, he must take. 

Eliminating several unwanted political elements alone will make India clean and advanced.  Need of the hour is positive energy, commitment to work hard and scientific patriotism. 

The intellectuals instead of engaging in changeling debates must come out positive because GDP dip is nothing; India is beyond slight GDP dip. 

The fabric of our culture, tradition and Sanatana dharma will certainly make India a leader country.   Let us not ruin our country by supporting power hungry dynastic hawks, the syndicate of corrupts and some regional political parties that wants to divide the nation.  Need of the hour is, our pledge to the nation and supports to Modi to regain the lost economic confidence and vigor to move forward. 

Written by Dr S Ranganathan

Follow him @drsranganathan

1 Comment

1 Comment

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