I am a Hindu, our land was attacked and plundered since thousands years. What is wrong if I demand my civilisational rights to have “Hindu Rashtra?”

A Hindu common citizen was demoralised, ridiculed and humiliated by fellow Hindus,—who call themselves liberal and secular—when she asked few basic questions like:

  • Why is there not even one ‘Hindu Rashtra’ on the planet?
  • Why doesn’t India recognise Islam as a religion, which attacked and invaded our land?
  • Why does india glorify its invaders?
  • Why doesn’t India learn anything from genocides that have been carried out since 100 years without any provocation?
    Hindu Rashtra means respecting all religions equally. It doesn’t mean ridiculing Sanatan Dharma, that Hindus have to face in India. To appease Muslims, a word, SECULARISM was invented to demoralise Hindus. Has the word SECULARISM killed our soul that protecting our self respect and our lives have become crime for a Hindu in India?
  • Why is a Hindu mocked and condemned if he or she asks:
  • Why is there not even one ‘Hindu Rashtra’ on the planet?

भारतवर्ष (India) is one of the oldest civilisation, which is still thriving. There is no founder of “Sanatan Dharma.” ‘Ramayan’ and Mahabharat are not mythology but glorious history of the land. This land belongs to God Ram and God Krishna. Submerged ‘Ram Setu’ and ‘Dwarka city under sea’ are proof of ancient history of the land.

There are more than 50 Islamic Nations. According to, Wikipedia there are 15 countries including England, Greece, and Iceland, which have Christianity as state religion. But, why is there not a country, which proudly calls itself “Hindu Rashtra?”

  • Why doesn’t India recognise Islam as a religion, which attacked and invaded our land?

India must have Uniform Civil Code, which treats every citizen equally irrespective of his or her religion. But, who can deny the history that Islamic invaders attacked Hindu kings on the land?

Brave, fearless and courageous, Prithviraj Chauhan—who was coronated at the age of 11 after the death of his father, Someshvara, in 1177 AD—was last Hindu emperor, who stood up against the invasion of Muslim rulers. He had mastered as many as six languages. He was well-versed in many subjects, including mathematics, medicine, history, military, philosophy, painting, and theology.

Only mistake Prithviraj Chauhan committed was he didn’t brutally kill Muhammad Ghori after defeating him in the ‘First Battle of Tarain’ from 1190 – 1191 AD. When Muhammad Ghori defeated Prithviraj Chauhan, Ghori was brutal at his best. Fall of Prithviraj was the beginning of Islamic rule in India. When would India officially recognise the fact?

  • Why does india glorify its invaders?

Does the earth have any country, which glorify its invaders and attackers which destroyed it civilisation, destructed thousands of its temples and brutalised its people?

Born on May 9, 1540 in Rajasthan’s Kumbhalgarh, Maharana Pratap was a valiant and powerful Rajput king of Mewar. In 21 June 1576, Maharana Pratap fought the popular battle of Haldighati with Mughal Emperor Akbar. Even if, outnumbered Maharana fought with great courage.

Before that, in October 1567, Akbar had carried out “Siege of Chittorgarh” in which he got 80,000 Rajputs in Chittogarh Fort butchered. To avoid capture by Mughals, Rajput women created a Jauhar and jumped into the flame alive. How can India name its road after Akbar as Akbar Road? How can India glorify a butcher called Akbar as “Akbar the great” in its history books?

Born on 3 November 1618, Aurangzeb—who jailed his own sick father and killed his two brothers and nephews—was the sixth emperor of the Mughal Empire. Aurangzeb reimposed “Jiziya Tax” as Hindus were second class citizens for him.

On 24 November 1675 Aurangzeb arrested and beheaded the ninth Sikh Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur—who had refused to embrace Islam—in front of a massive crowd. “Gurdwara Sis Ganj Sahib” in Chandni Chowk in Delhi marks the place of his execution.

In 1689, Aurangzeb captured and executed Shivaji’s son Sambha Ji and destroyed his kingdom. Story of his brutality is unending. And we have Aurangzeb Roads and Aurangabad in Bihar and Maharashtra. What does india teach its coming generation by glorifying Aurangzeb, how to kill father, brothers and nephews? How to behead those who refuse to convert to Islam?

  • Why doesn’t India learn anything from genocide that has been carried out without any provocation since last hundred years?

Moplah Hindu genocide in Kerala in 1921

Great Calcutta Killing between August 16 and 19, 1946.

Noakhali riots in 10 October 1946.

Kashmiri Hindu genocide in 1990.

Burning of Sabarmati Express in 2002.

First Shaheen Bagh, then burning of North East Delhi.

Forget about thousand years of death, destruction and conversion, why doesn’t India learn from last 100 years of planned genocide of Hindus?

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