Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deivam. We have always been raised by the first two and there is no choice. And god in that list has always been at our side, whether you realize it or not. However, Gurus grace is different because, Even if you choose your guru and It’s Important that Guru chooses you in-return, accepts you and guides you. And this is one such story, of a family who found their Guru.

Contrary to most belief, all stories are true. Passed on from words to ears to text and songs. As each interprets the same story, the value changes, the moral changes, and the idea changes. And this is one such which was narrated from the own words of Chandramouli, an ardent devotee of Mahaperiyava.

Chandroo’s uncle was serving in Indian army as Captain. When a man of such caliber is filled with patriotism and belief, spirituality is not long far. So he was a true believer, but had never been graced with the belief of Mahaperiyava.

One day, Captain’s Son in law who lived in Vellore suddenly fell sick and he was diagnosed with Renal Failure. They tried different treatments at one of the best hospital in Vellore and many more consultations, only to end in vain and more disappointing heartbreaks. They were not able to figure out the solution. Everything tried and failed, the captain’s faith waivered and weakened .

Captain and his family was very worried as his son in law was struggling for life and they had no clue what to do. The truest pain tormented the daughter of the Captain. One night when she was fast asleep, she dreamt of meeting MAHAPERIYAVA. The graceful smile and the unfathomable brilliance baffled her. And his words baffled her more. She woke up the next morning remembering Mahaperiyava’s words as clear as day. He asked her to donate her mangalsutra to him.

She didn’t dissuade her thoughts or ignore such spiritual callings. She was a believer, and believed in one and only Jagadguru-“The Sage of Kanchi”. Every follower of a Jagadguru knows when they get a calling. And that what she did. The next day morning she decided that she will donate it. She searched for the Mangalsutra yellow rope (In Tamilnadu, they use thread dipped and coated in turmeric as Mangalsutra) and she couldn’t find it. So, as an alternative, she tied a turmeric in a jute Rope and she removed her mangalsutra to offer to Mahaperiyava.

She informed the same incident to her cousin Chandroo and Chandroo advised her to immediately leave for Kanchi to meet Mahaperiyava. Against her challenges to take care of her dying husband and her family, she and her husband went to meet Periyava 15 days later.

Upon reaching and waiting to meet Periyava, Chandroo was able to meet Periyava to inform about her cousin’s situation. However much the surprise of Chandroo, even before he could share any tales, Periyava asked him with divine gleefulness “Whether she has come? Let me meet her”. Chandroo was taken aback and suggested Periyava that he will bring her in and not to strain.

When she entered, the moment she saw Periyava’s face and recognized him, Periyava asked “Have You Bought it?”, Give it to me”. She felt immense connection and gravity with. And this was the man she met in her dreams. This was the Guru who called for her. This was her Guru’s calling. She deposited her mangalsutra at his feet and Periyava asked one of his disciples to give him an apple. Mahaperiyava kept watching her ill husband as he kept rolled the apple, pinching and peeling the skin with some chants for some time. Then he said to captain’s son in law after sometime, “Please Leave, you have become alright”.

Later when they returned to Vellore, the doctors were puzzled to note that there were no sign of Renal Failure and everything was normal. When the family narrated the entire story and the chief doctor smiled and said, “Oh! He is a God and He can do anything”.

Captain now completely restored his faith to Periyava



Guru is one who lead Guide, Help, teach, save and direct us to “God”.

But Periyava was little different, a god who came down to earth as Guru to save people

||Shree Gurubhyo Namaha” ||

His immense Grace to be continued…

We come across many of such miracles and stories. Reminding and restoring us of Faith and belief. And even if you don’t, count yourself lucky as I have taken as my desire to deliver the same to you all. In my forever search of such enlightening and blissful stories and incidents, I realized that this is my duty.

About the author

Shivakrupa Rajaramm – People Architect is a software Engineer turned HR professional. Her general formula is, ‘Follow your bliss.’ Find where it is, and don’t be afraid to follow it. Experience in devising and implementing coherent Resource Management Strategies across global markets and proven success in achieving integration of HR programs towards organizational goals and values. She comes with a history of providing strategic direction and leadership in the areas of talent management, organizational planning, employee engagement and execution of all HR related activities and programs. She Guest lectures at B-School and Delivers “Management talks” to Students and fellow faculties.

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