Horror stories of anti CAA protest turned riots in North East Delhi, Part I

When Indian government passed a bill (CAA) to ensure dignity to victim of rapes and violence—who were minorities such as Hindus, Sikhs, Jain and Christians—who fled to India from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, Islamist in India got offended and started rioting India. Islamists in India burnt North East Delhi to warn Indian government not to protect persecuted minorities in the three countries.

By burning North East Delhi, Islamists in India conveyed messages that it is absolutely fine—if Hindu girls Ravita Meghwar and Rinkle Kumari and Sikh girl, Jagjit Kaur, are abducted and forced to convert to Islam at will by Islamists, if their families are butchered, when they dare to object and resist conversion—populations of Hindus in Pakistan must decline from 23% to 3.5%. This is how they executed the riot in North East Delhi..

How Islamists identifies Hindus to butcher.

  • A resident of Brijpuri said, “they checked identity cards to identify their targets. Muslims were let go, but Hindus were caught and butchered to be dumped in drainage.
  • These are the Islamists—who have blocked a busy road of National Capital since more than two months shouting slogans of काग़ज़ नहीं दिखाऐंगें (we would not show documents) were checking identity cards to slaughter Hindus.

How Hindu women saved their kids from Islamist mob

  • I was cooking, when I heard they were pelting stones, throwing sticks, shooting and burning petrol pump. They burnt our bike and scooty. We threw our kids from the terrace as our neighbors stood below to catch them. Then we jumped to save our lives. Our house was set on fire. We nearly escaped choking to death,” such horror was narrated by the woman.

Mobs of thousands burnt down Bhajanpura petrol pump.

  • A protest had continued for last 40 days at Bhajanpura with AZAADI slogans. Shaheen Bagh came to limelight. But, protest at Bhajanpura was not printed or talked about media.
  • “On 23 Feb 2020, Islamist mobs burnt down the petrol pump, that caused a huge blast. They burnt down my house as well,” another horror story by a victim.
  • How come Delhi Police didn’t know about a protest that had continued at Bhajanpura since last 40 days?

The horror stories would continue in series to bring about the real stories of victims, as left leaning media is pulling all the stops to paint the majority victims as perpetrators. India must realise the gravity of warning from Muslims to Government: DO NOT DARE TO PROTECT HINDUS, SIKHS AND OTHER PERSECUTED MINORITIES, OR….

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1 Comment

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