High-time to boycott Chinese products

China’s various human rights mishandlings, their treatment of women, their ruthlessness toward religious communities, and their tyrannical hold on Taiwan and Hong Kong, has long made them a target for economic boycotts by many democratic nations. But enforcing a successful boycott is extraordinarily arduous to accomplish but it’s necessary to achieve self-reliance in the long term.

Now with the coronavirus epidemic, democratic countries are wondering what our prospective economic liaison with China should be. A new survey by independent Consulting agencies found that 55 percent of Indians say they won’t buy goods manufactured in China.
There’s ample evidence that epidemic is originated from China and their dictators concealed the findings in order to protect their country’s interest over rising concerns of the infection. This was slated to be the peak of a self-centered approach compromising global tranquillity and welfare in order to save their skin and improve their supply chains and economic growth at a rapid pace.

China’s 3% of exports are obtained by India. Total export figures account for 75 Billion USD. On the other hand, India exports 17 Billion up to USD goods contributing 5.5% of our total export shares.

Boycotting and replacing Chinese goods is very understandable to mumble but a tough task to do. China over the last 30 years has built up strong manufacturing units mostly worldwide which India has not. After 2000s India has become one of the largest markets for computers, telephones, drugs, organic chemicals, solar, and EV, but it had no core manufacturing unit and has been a peripheral assembler where over 50% of the critical components have to be imported into the country for production.

Rather than possessing a big market, transnational manufacturers have always resisted and repudiated India as a production center and chosen other locations even if they move out of China. All those nations have very limited domestic markets in comparison to India, but they have business-friendly agreements and technocrats that fetch adaptation, much like China. India formulated no technology-specific development strategies. it looks at the specialized stability and shortcoming sector by sector after examining with the stakeholders the challenges to Make In India.

Yet, China’s worsened international stance has come as an endorsement to India, as it can now entice more investment. Uttar Pradesh, which has a population identical to Brazil, is already establishing a task force to captivate corporations keen to dump China. India is also making a land twice the size of Luxembourg willing to devote corporations that want to move out their manufacturing units out of China and has reached 1000 American firms as Bloomberg reported. The US-India Business Council (USIBC), a powerful unit that works to improve investment flows between India and Us, said that India has significantly upped the ante
We are witnessing India’s necessary efforts to attract supply chains both at Central and State Government level,” says Nisha Biswal, the President of USIBC and the former assistant secretary of the state for South and Central Asian Affairs in the US Department of the State.

Media colluding with CCP

While the specific media is authorized with the responsibility of investigating wrongdoing and reporting it, they resisted it because they were also accepting money from China in business deals sabotaging interests of the nation. The select media outlets, corporations, and break India politicians of the aisle are complicit in making China and themselves rich at the expense of India.

With our fortunes, China has created their sphere of influence throughout the world. By abstaining from buying anything made in China we can conserve our indigenous livelihoods.

About the author:

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About the author: Electrical Engineer with a deep passion for AI & deep learning. Also, an avid writer who likes to research & write about Geopolitics of US & China. Passionate about free markets & foreign trade. Get to know more about me on Twitter @anandaragavan



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