Didn’t a radicalised Nazia, whose new born baby died due to cold in Shaheen Bagh protest, hate Indian government more than she loved her child?

How would a mother react if her new born baby or even her grown up child catches cold in winter? Wouldn’t she take all the precautions to protect her child from cold while administering prescribed medicines?

But, 24 years old Nazia is so brainwashed that she stopped thinking like a mother. A heartless and cruel mother Nazia used to bring her 4 month old sick baby in freezing cold of Delhi to participate in fake protest of Shaheen Bagh. Protest for what? Citizen Amendment Act, which has no connection with her as Indian citizen. Poor infant died, allegedly due to exposure to the cold, on the night of January 29,

What is shocking is that none of her family and friends advised her not to expose her new born baby in freezing cold of Delhi to participate in Shaheen Bagh protest. What is even more horrifying Nazia, showing no remorse and pain for her lost child, says she is ready to sacrifice her two other children for the protest. One can imagine up to what extent Nazia is radicalised.

Quite expectedly, vultures like Shehla Rashid and Arfa Khanum—who use such brainwashed women as pawn for their vested interest sitting in AC room—were waiting for the news to feast on so that they can blame Modi Shah for poor baby’s death. Within no time they began to shed crocodile tears to blame present government for baby’s death.

In the same Shaheen Bagh agitation, an ex AMU student, and Current councillor of JNU, Afreen Fatima, openly warns, “भारत का मुसलमान बताऐगा जामिया मीलिया इस्लामिया और अलीगढ़ मुस्लिम विश्वविद्यालय से जो हमारा रिश्ता है वो ‘ला इलाहा इल्लल्लाह’ का है (Muslims in India would tell you Jamia Miliya Islamiya and Aligarh Muslim Universities are equal to La Ilaha Illalaha for us). Chief co-ordinator of Shaheen Bagh anti CAA protest, Sharjeel Imam, threatens to cut off Assam from rest of India. And Nazia wants to sacrifice her children for the protest.

One common element among these three deeply radicalised Shaheen anti CAA protesters is Sharjeel Imam hates India more than he loves himself that he sacrificed his life to Islamise India. Afreen Fatima’s hatred for India is so intense she openly spews venom about PM Modi and Amit Shah. Nazia, who is indoctrinated by such India haters that she is ready to sacrifice her two other children.

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