By Dr. Sandeep Sadanand Chaugule : When I open newspaper or even the web browser during Diwali season, a lot of images of Goddess Laxmi pop up… encouraging one to login or get into beautified shops to buy new stuff like gold, silver or kitchen stuff etc.
But when I sit down and look back in Indian philosophy the basic question arises “Is Diwali all about buying new stuff (even if you do not need), bursting crackers or eating food? Or is there any deeper relevance which is concealed in this commercial and marketing world?


Shiva Like figure in yogic posture inscribed on seal found in Indus Civilization excavation.

Usually Diwali begins on Dhana-Traydashi, what is the relevance of Dhana-Trayodashi and what is the purpose of such differentiated day than the main Diwali?

This day is dedicated to a deity of Medicine and nectar called “Dhanvantari”, it is said that during the great churning of the ocean, on this day Dhanvantari raised himself with a pot of nectar of life or elixir (Amruta) in his hand…

Indian subcontinent is predominantly dependent on the monsoon rains, the four months (chatur-mass) of monsoon are about to end, due to the rains the crops are now in yield phase, as well the disease prone season is about to end. It is usually seen that in Indian subcontinent the number of cases facing illness due to viruses, mosquitos or due to insects increase during monsoon season.

During the end of such season the remembrance to the inner ability to fight against the illness is nothing but rise of Dhanvantari.

The name Dhavantari has two parts “Dhanv” meaning wealth and “Antari” meaning inner, the inner wealth is nothing but the ability and strength to fight against the mental and physical illness. Then why not to begin Diwali keeping this in mind, to increase inner strength to fight against all mental and physical illnesses.
As well Trayodashi (thirteenth day of Indian calendar), is dedicated to the supreme Yog Master or Adiyoga, Lord Shiva. He is believed to explain the essence of Yoga to Sage Patanjali. Today is considered as “Sage Patanjali Jayanti”, birthday of Sage Patanjali, who is considered as pioneer of “Yoga Shastra”, he gave yoga for fluctuating mind, medicine to the poor health and grammar for language. Let me be a little clear there is no connection of Sage Patanjali with commercial brand Patnajali of Baba Ramdev.

Let us buy time for ourselves for yoga practice of physical exercise and for our health starting from today instead of gold or silver.

Let that nectar of inner strength and blessings of Sage Patanjali be showered on all of us. May we all have best of the healthy life forever…

योगेन चित्तस्य पदेन वाचां ।
मलं शरीरस्य च वैद्यकेन ॥
योऽपाकरोत्तमं प्रवरं मुनीनां ।

This invocation is in praise of the sage Patanjali for giving the precise discipline of Yoga for serenity of mind, Sanskrit grammar for purity and precision of speech and Indian medicine for the health of the body against all illnesses.


Compiled by: Dr Sandeep Sadanand Chaugule

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