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 One day, John, a grumpy old man who was scared of the water went fishing with his jolly neighbour Robin.

The day was dull, and the sky was a drab shade of grey. The sea was azure blue. Robin loved water sports and was having loads of fun. John was quivering with fear and wondering why in the world had he come on this trip. It was a thrilling experience to be in a small, old boat where every single wave looked SO big. Now that he was here, he thought, might as well enjoy the lush green mountains. They could hear the splashing of waves that were tossing their battered boat around. 

Suddenly, John started sneezing. As he opened his mouth, his dentures slipped out of his mouth and landed on the ridge of the boat. He didn’t even notice! When Robin saw the dentures, he erupted into peals of laughter. Only when John stopped sneezing, he noted his dentures. As he reached out to get them, they slipped into the water. His friend burst out giggling again. 

The other mariner looked at him with a miffed face. Robin realized that he had affronted John. He controlled his laughter at once. They continued fishing, but there was a definite change in the atmosphere. John was grumpier than ever, and Robin was feeling mortified about hurting his neighbour’s feelings. Suddenly, Robin’s line pulled up a large ugly fish. He turned around to show his horrid catch to his neighbour but found John not even answering his nudges and calls. His face was morose, and his lips formed a sullen scowl. Suddenly, Robin had an idea! He took out his dentures and stuffed them into the toothless mouth of the fish. Then, he elbowed his cantankerous friend. First, Robin tried to strike a tête-à-tête with his neighbour in hopes that he wouldn’t have to sacrifice his dentures. But, John wasn’t interested in anything, so he got to the point.

 He showed the hideous fish to his neighbour, who shrunk back a little in revulsion. Then, John spotted the absurd – looking teeth. He reached out hesitantly and grasped the dentures in his wrinkled hand and slowly tried to fit them into his mouth. But, just like fingerprints and snowflakes, all dentures are different, too!  As expected, not only did the dentures feel uncomfortable in John’s mouth, but they also looked weird. He tried to move his jaw, but all his efforts were in vain. The whole time his other jolly sailor was watching him, smiling. Imagine his surprise when John forced the tight dentures out of his mouth and threw them backwards with an exasperated look on his face! Robin tried to catch them, but he was too slow.Then, the reality of the situation hit him. His dentures were GONE! His friend turned around to find his neighbour ogling at the sea. John took one look at Robin’s mouth, realized what he had done and burst out laughing! After the trip, John was never grumpy again and the two neighbours became best buddies!

Aarna Gautam.

She is a student of Grade 5 at Hiranandani Foundation School. She loves to read. Her favourite authors are J.K. Rowling, Agatha Christie, Roald Dahl and Louisa May Alcott. She is fond of art and craft. Aarna aspires to become a pilot when she grows up. She is great at science and math and also enjoys writing short stories and swimming.

An initiative by @indsamachar to promote stories & poems by kids. Original unedited stories that bring forth their imagination and innocence.

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