COVID 19 disruption must lead to expansion, should not shrink and wilt us, follow dharma, achieve perennial success

Written by Amruthavalli

Till November 2019, India was different, indeed a dream land, a land full of hopes, celebration, aspirations, and fulfilments and above all, corruption was eclipsing from public life and in essence, India was growing economically, spiritually and ethically.  I have affirmed several times to myself that India shall grow as a global super power and India will be setting the vision and goal of global community. 

Everything got halted in seconds.  Before the advent of novel coronavirus I felt like Napoleon Bonaparte who was believed to have phrased the biggest palindrome and also has used in the conversation ever

“Able was I ere I saw Elba.”

Until Napoleon saw the river Elba, he believed firmly that he was going to conquer the world and his journey was smooth.   But Elba had stopped Napoleon.  We must remember that Napoleon was mortal and the life of all mortal beings is determinate and not indeterminate and hence the Elba River could have its day and could stop Napoleon from marching forward.

India is a sacred karma bhumi.  India remains today as what it is purely due to the culture and essence of Hinduism, the spiritual values and saintly wisdom of thousands of the renounced souls who dedicated their life for granting and uplifting people from the tyranny of materialistic life to spiritual life, where the joy is eternal. 

Until the advent of novel coronavirus and COVID 19, everyone in India were quite sure that the present government will make the land great ‘organically’ and India shall be a place where Ram and Rahim will have equal opportunity, encouragement and right.   Economic growth and economic prosperity are although necessary they are also necessary evils and can only buy comfort for man and not real happiness.  Money can only breed greed and not love and grace; money can produce only arrogance and not humility.  Money can make man powerful and authoritative and not the owner of values and compassion. 

The root of India is spiritualism and not materialist miasma of western countries.  That is why even before we launch space shuttle or space station, we pay our obeisance Lord Ram and Lord Krishna.  Indians by birth are programmed to respect both animate and inanimate objects on earth and always trained to connect to the supreme power.  Human life is composed of only two dominant factors viz., 

  1. Physical form
  2. Energy form

Once the energy disappears from human body, our body becomes corpse not worth to store even for day.   The energy in spiritual parlance is called ‘soul’ which is present in every life which is called ‘jeevatma’ and also in God called ‘paramatma’. 

India is a land of ‘atma chaitanya’ meaning self-illuminating or self-luminescent land with boundless wisdom for the world.  The only spiritual heritage that is ‘fully alive and functional’ today on earth is Hinduism because Hinduism always absorb and assimilate every virtues from its surroundings to it and is not limited by any evanescent or vivid walls around it.  

Therefore COVID 19 can only delay a bit our growth and development and cannot disengage or disempower us like how Elba River has done to Napoleon. 

In the hour of crisis we must re-invent our strength and spiritual teachings and should not let COVID 19 to vanish our hope, confidence and desire.  More than any country in the world, India can bounce back and can lead the world because India is the only country that has both scientific and spiritual wisdom in equal proportion.   The question is, are we guided by the wisdom and humility of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna.

Only by being spiritually conscious and humanly connected, we can rebuild our country.  Need of the hour is regaining our confidence and not to engage in blame game or get shattered.  The present adversity must be seen as a new opportunity, vista of hope, horizon and not as the disappearance of opportunities. 

It is not about how much trouble we face today, but about who is leading us from the front and that alone makes the difference. 

Lord Krishna led Mahabharata war not by evolving ground level war strategy per se but from granting timely wisdom and spirituality dimension and the result was that Pandavas won the war. 

Similarly a spiritually evolved, materialistically renounced leader is leading our country so the virus at best can only slow down our growth for a while but it cannot stop us from surpassing the world. 

Even Sun and Moon do get partly doomed by each other, which we call solar or lunar eclipse.   The turbulence that we face today due to COVID 19 is very transient and India will surpass it easily due to its spiritual values and dedication. 

About the Author

Amruthavalli G.V – M.Pharmacy from JSS college of Pharmacy, Ootacamund, Tamilnadu. Worked in Himalaya Drug Company, Bangalore, Asthagiri herbal research foundation, Chennai and Dr.JRK’s Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, Chennai. Have published about 100 original research articles in herbal medicine.

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