Astro Part 2 – Which, What, When, Where, How and Whom ?????

“The basic recurring theme in Hindu mythology is the creation of the world by the self-sacrifice of God-“sacrifice” in the original sense of “making sacred” whereby God becomes the world which, in the end, becomes again God. This creative activity of the Divine is called Lila, the play of God, and the world is seen as the stage of the divine play. Like most of Hindu mythology, the myth of Lila has a strong magical flavour. Brahman is the great magician who transforms himself into the world and then performs this feat with his “magic creative power”, which is the original meaning of maya in the Rig Veda. The word maya-one of the most important terms in Indian philosophy-has changed its meaning over the centuries. From the might, or power, of the divine actor and magician, it came to signify the psychological state of anybody under the spell of the magic play. As long as we confuse the myriad forms of the divine Lila with reality, without perceiving the unity of Brahman underlying all these forms, we are under the spell of maya. In the Hindu view of nature, then, all forms are relative, fluid and ever-changing maya, conjured up by the great magician of the divine play. The world of maya changes continuously, because the divine Lila is a rhythmic, dynamic play. The dynamic force of the play is karma, important concept of Indian thought. Karma means “action”. It is the active principle of the play, the total universe in action, where everything is dynamically connected with everything else. In the words of the Gita Karma is the force of creation, where from all things have their life Redfl,” “You do an experiment because your own philosophy makes you want to know the resultRet2 Apropos my previous articleRef, in which I was trying to arrive at a synergy between science & occult/predictive outcome of life in its short orbit blending both science and philosophy. Upon deeper self-introspection I was wondering how much and what to cover on a subject that is so vast & abstract. I have therefore decided to constrain myself on two of the branches of predictive philosophies to a smaller extent namely numerology. Palmistry would be Part 3 & Astrology would be Part 4 which will follow in due course.
(a) Before I embark on this topic further, Before I embark on my article would like to add standard disclaimers: (i) Astrology and astrosciences are true but some of the practitioners may not, if they are money minded. (ii) Often it is advisable to figure out which branch of astro sciences may be more correct to a particular individual instead of relying on a single branch. (iii) In fact, a combination of all branches of astro sciences done by a practitioner who has sound knowledge on all its forms could be more realistic, although it is painstaking and rare to locate such practitioners. (iv) While it is noticed that some amongst local public claim superiority over the other, it has nothing to belittle the other branch(es) of astro science as the experience of such would often having been an experience (and probably expectation) of their intrinsic & wishful minds. A true practitioner of astro science will not belittle the other branch. As a matter of fact, such practitioner should guide the person seeking counsel to a proper exponent without seeking his dakshina (fee). (v) I am not a professional practitioner of astro science but have actively been pursuing this as my passion over the last four decades. I have stated a few words very rapidly & in short about the following predictive philosophies as under: (b) Face reading/ Anga lakshana/ Purusha Lakshana (men)/ Samudrika Lakshana (women) which are mostly predictive about personal traits & characteristics Sooth Sayers like Haruspex Reta, Nostradamus Refs and our Indian rishis like Veda Vyas, Saint Raghavendra” in India (who combined the divine strength of intuition with some astrology) and many others who predicted major events in advance mostly for a society. (d) (c) Vasthu Shastra, Feng Sui-revolving around the energy flow of buildings and structures and its effect on the individuals who dwell there. This was based on plot and building layouts and plans of interiors. In fact, Vasthu Shastra is followed by many structural & civil engineers design buildings for homes establishments. Handwriting style or graphology which was a predictive science of personality traits and characteristics Refo (e) (f) Naadi Astrology– Naadi Astrology gives excellent predictions if you are looking for prediction regarding timing of events. Have used his techniques to make few predictions and most of them comes out to be correct , Its less complicated and can be understood easily. If you are looking for elaborate answers and understanding your horoscope, then Naadi Astrology will not be of much help. In this case, traditional astrology will be more helpful. Prediction made by using traditional astrology are also very correct. Traditional Astrology, which we call Vedic astrology not only gives future prediction, but it also helps you grow individually. The characteristic traits of the person in most of the cases matches very correctly. There are others such as psychic, tantric, tarot card readings, use of birds and animals which offer a different mix of predictions of the past, present and future whose degree of perception and reliability is (g) controversial for some and correct for some.

I have refrained stating from other forms of occult predictions including and apart from all the above form of forecast is carried out by some specialists and many amateurs and some by misrepresentation without having a deeper knowledge on the subject domain. The idea of this article as well as this sentence is that public should be aware that what could be true in any one of the above and including the further aspects discussed in this article (Numerology- Part-3 Palmistry & Astrology which would be covered in a while on Part-3 & Part -4) are general indicators and knowledge, experience and simplicity matters for a practitioner rather than money making exercises.

NUMEROLOGY Numerology is any belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names, and ideas, It is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts. Before we embark on whether a planet or a number is a good number or bad number ancient astrological sciences generally have characterized Jupiter, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mercury as auspicious or benevolent planets, with Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Kethu as malefic ones. A deeper study will indicate that the good planets can be bad for some individuals and the malefic planets can be beneficial for some. Besides when the topic of astrology is covered, we can discuss the various ownership of houses and the relation of the houses with respect to ascendent and the star in which they are placed. So it is best advised not to construe as some number as very good and some numbers as bad. It has to be done by a case-by-case study of an individual which is beyond the purview of this article as it requires very deep analysis. Please make a note that numbers within brackets stated under descriptions of the traits of numbers 1 to 9 (.J… , and subsequent following numbers after the numbers with slashes and separated by commas) are the dates, months and years in a century. Basically, take your date of birth’s numerical value, add all those digits together by category (year, month, day), and keep adding each of those digits together until you finally end up with a single digit do also follow the same pattern to varying degrees. Number I (1/1,10/1, 19/1, 01,10) Just as Aries the first sign of the Zodiac, is about action and initiatiation in numerology, 1 is linked to forward motion. I symbolizes a pioneering spirit, independent nature, innate leadership capabilities. On a bad day 1 can be bit bossy or boastful, hiding any insecurities behind over developed self- importance, although it is first it can quickly become the loneliest number. Even the most autonomous 1 need the support of their friends, family and lovers. Number 2 (2/2,20/02,20) 2 is linked to sensitivity, balance & harmony. Within numerology the 2 vibration assumes the role of a mediator, creating harmony by bringing together dissonant forces through compassion, empathy, and kindness. 2 is linked to psychic abilities and intuition, and if this numbers appears as a Life Path or Destiny Number, the individual will be astute to subtle energy and emotional nuances. Because 2 is so sensitive, it is very conflict averse, and can end up being under appreciated or unacknowledged. 2 must avoid seeking external validation and instead realise that equilibrium needed already exists within. The waxing and waning moon has a distinct effect between the spring and neap tides scientifically as well. No. 2 people should take note of this fact. Number 3 (3/3, 30/3, 03,30) Communication is paramount for 3, Symbolically, 3 represents the output of two joined forces: It is the essence of creation. 3 is highly gifted at expression, seamlessly sharing innovative and pioneering concepts through art, writing, and oration. Their work inspires, motivates, and uplifts others, and 3 finds great joy making others smile. However, 3 is also quite moody, and if 3 feels misunderstood may withdraw entirely. The escapist tendencies of 3 are easily mitigated by practicing peaceful mindfulness. With such an active imagination, it is important for 3 to find moments of quiet to reset, restore and recharge. Number 4 (4/4,04,40)

Number 9 (9/9, 09, 90) As the final single digit within numerology, 9 connotes an old soul. 9 is no stranger life’s ups and downs of life been there, done that. Accordingly, 9 can effortlessly synthesize large quantities of stimuli, psychically connecting the dots to form a cohesive and whole identity. The mission for 9 is to reach the highest state of consciousness, and to help others also achieve this spiritual awareness. 9 is not afraid to transform, and its malleable spirits inspires others to explore their own ranges of motion. Since 9 in many ways, has transcended the physical plane, it must constantly anchor itself. 9 must learn to balance the abstract with the tangible, untimely finding its place at the intersection of fantasy and reality What is Life Path Number? Your Life Path number is probably the most influential numerological aspect to be considered. The number is determined by your birth date and represents who you are at this time. It indicates specific traits that are present and will be active and influential throughout your lifetime. How do I calculate my life-path number? Basically, take your date of birth’s numerical value, add all those digits together by category (year, month, day). and keep adding each of those digits together until you finally end up with a single digit. To calculate your Personal Year number, add all the numbers from your Birthday plus your Birth month plus the Universal Year 7 and reduce to a single digit. A I Personal Year is all about new beginnings, this could mean a new job, a change in career, moving to a new house, new relationship, starting or learning something new. Cheiro Numerology – All About Kero Numerology Numbers Numbers are all around us and mean many different things. Have you ever paused to think for a second about what significance a number may have in your life? Kero Numerology will help you to understand these numbers. Kero Numerology Numbers- What Is It? Kero numbers, sometimes called Cheiro numbers, are based on the Chaldean culture from centuries ago and can be attributed to an astrologer named William John Warner, commonly known as Cheiro. Even though a lot of time has passed, numbers are still applicable today. The Chaldean system started in India and later spread to the Middle East and Europe. It contained a system of numbers from one to nine. The number zero is unique as it can show no value but also a lot of value when added behind other numbers. The numbers in Kero Numerology each hold their own meaning and can be used to predict future events or understand current events.

Cheiro Numerology – How It Works? Kero Numerology (also known as Cheiro Numerology) assigns a special meaning to each number from one to nine. These numbers can be used to understand more about a person’s personality or an event. Each number is described below: • One (1) – The Sun, golden, ruby. One is indicative of leadership qualities, creativity, positivity, strength, and focus. Two (2) – The moon, white, pearl. Two shows a person is different and has mastered the arts. They have characteristics of tact, kindness and thrive in positive environments. • Three (3) – Jupiter, yellow, sapphire. This person is a natural leader and has enemies. Often a figure of authority, disciplined and expects others to be the same. • Four (4) – Uranus, blue, ruby. A person with the number four likes to think out of the box and does not follow rules easily. Five (5) – Mercury, green, emerald. People with this number flow effortlessly but have a strong-willed. They get along with others, dream often and have the will to realize their dreams. • Six (6) – Venus, yellow, diamond. Attractions is a big part of this number. This includes attraction to dreams and people. Seven (7) – Neptune, white, pearl. Seven shows independence, freedom of movement and a craving for knowledge. • Eight (8) – Saturn, blue stone sapphire, black. People with this number are intense and strong; they tend to make history but can be quite alone. Nine (9) – Mars, red, coral. This number shows a chance at success but also becoming a victim of reckless behaviour; these people are strong from battle, learn from loss and want to be victorious. Kero Numerology Chart – Getting Started Each letter of the alphabet has a certain numerical value according to the Kero chart. 1 = A, I, J, Q. Y • 2 = B, K, R • 3= C, G, L, S 4 = D, M, T 5 = E, H, N, X • 6= U, V, W 7 = 0, Z • 8 = F, P

The number nine is usually not assigned any alphabetic letters. Nine is a divine number and only used in rare occasions. One can use a Kero numerology chart to determine what the meaning of your name is. Take each letter of your name and assign it to a corresponding number on the Kero chart. Then add them all together. If you get a multidigit number (an answer more than nine) then you will need to separate the digits in the answer and add them until you get to a single number. For example, if your name is Krishna then K+R+I+S+H+N+A = 2+2+1+3+3+5+1 = 17, then 1+7 = 8. So, the number associated with the name Krishna is 8 (Saturn, blue stone sapphire, black). There are specific meanings for double digit numbers as well but that is more complex to understand. For now, an understanding of the numbers one to nine will give you a good indication. (Note, that it is believed that Lord Krishna was blackish/blue colour and made history)

References: 1. Hans Decoz in 2017 decoding Numerology and Tao Physics. 2. Quotes from Dancing Wu Li Masters 3. httns:/ requires-the-practitioner-to-combine-the-skills-of-mathematical-interpretations-with-intuition-and- divine-interference/ Article by the same guest author 4. Haruspex- a character in Shakespeare’s novel Julius Caesar 5. The Man Who Saw Tomorrow Quarantines by Nostradamus 6. Vaishali R. Lokhande-Department of Computer Science and Information Technology Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India) Bharti W. Gawali, Department of Computer Science and Information Technology Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India, in 2017 international conference of graphologists) 7. A Guide to numerology by Aliza Kelly Faragher-April 2020

Mr. Kumar Sarangapani, Managing Partner Varaha Pipeline Engineering & Business Solutions LLP & Marine Specialist Project Consultant (RO) for community plants developed by Government Projects in Tamilnadu, Andra Pradesh, Maharashtra & Gujarat. Kumar is”chemical engineer with about 40 years of experience.

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