Will Subramania swami contemn anti-hindu abhijit?

V.S.Chandralekha a First-ever women collector of Tamilnadu and a politician who was the president of the Tamil Nadu state unit of the Janata Party.

Abhijit Iyer Mitra son of Ex.Collector Chandralekha been hospitalized due to his illness.

Being a Hindu and naming himself with his community (iyer), Abhijit criticized the world famous Konark temple and Lord Jagannath.

Bhubaneswar police arrested Abhijit under various sections of IPC (Indian Penal Code) for harassing Hindu traditions and abusing Lord Jagannath.

Abhijit had made many controversial speeches earlier and he exceeded his limit by abusing Hindu monuments.

He tweeted that Konark temple is not an auspicious place and only a place to teach sex. These statements making me feel pitty on him;

If Abhijit, a so called IYER would have read our puranas, Hindu traditions and cultures, he would have atleast understood the meaning of an IYER”. A person mentioning his community for fame will never learn Hindu Traditions.

A Rajya Sabha MP Dr.Subramania Swamy , being a wellwisher of Ex.collector Chandrelekha family will influence his power to release Abhijit Iyer Mitra from the case or being a Hindu spokeperson will he contemn Abhijit for his Anti-Hindu Speech ?


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