RTI : AAP spent more than 2 crore for iftar parties

RTI : AAP spent more than 2 crore for iftar parties. Not a single party organized on Holi & Diwali

In a response to RTI query shows that Delhi’s AAP (Aam Admi Party ) government spend more than 2 Crores of tax payers money on Iftar & Eid parties

Iftar Parties Spend

2015-16 : 43,85,810

2016-17 : 1,14,89,544

2017-18 : 42,23,619


Eid Parties Spend

2016-17 : 8,99,729

2017-18 : 8,62,585

RTI reply dated 18-10-2018 clearly shows the expense figures


In other RTI reponse it has been relevaed that there were no parties has been organized either on Holi or Diwali


Many Twitterati says that the money spent on food for iftar parties ( Minority Appeasement) could have spent to any other social welfare activities. Aslo they have been critical on how the Hindus are being treated by Kerjiwal Govt

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