5 lessons from the Bhagvad Gita for every entrepreneur

We’re always looking up on the top industrial honchos to learn from their words of wisdom. Why? Have we forgotten our very own Book Of Knowledge ? Why not go back to our own roots, and learn from words of wisdom that are truly eternal? Our great epics (religious or not), surely have quotes that stand true to the modern times, even better than ever before. Many of us must have explored or atleast heard some great treasures hidden in ancient scripture Bhagvad Gita. Below are a few shlokas which I have collated and tried to decode. It hope it will help entrepreneurs or not take away something from them especially during these trying times.

“KarmanyeVadhikaraste Ma PhaleshuKadachana, Ma Karma PhalaHeturBhurmaTeySangostvaAkarmani”

Understanding Karma is a self driven process. Every entrepreneur should focus on their work i.e. karma without anticipating the result or outcome. In setting ones focus on the end goal one often misses out on the journey We get swayed by our vision and rely on its success too much. We forget it is pivotal to enjoy the whole process rather than just hoping for something that you know is anyway uncertain. Remember, having hopes or being optimistic is not wrong, but without actions, your path will be dreadful. The art lies in walking the tightrope and enjoy doing it. If one walks the tightrope in fear or excitement, is bound to fumble and fall. The trick to success is that one enjoys the walk in complete mindfullness, joy and gratitude in order to reach the other end successfully.

“vasamsi jirnani yatha vihaya navani grhnati naro ’parani tatha sarirani vihaya jirnany anyani samyati navani dehi”

It is easy to say versatility and adaptation are the keys to success. But the biggest lesson for any entrepreneur is learning the difference in being flexible vs being malleable. Do not get stuck with your initial vision when there is scope and opportunity to improve. Learn to adapt, innovate and explore new opportunities. Pave your journey like a traveler. Subscribe to benefits of innovation, open mindedness and life long learner, ready to absorb experiences like a sponge. Remember, change is constant.

“krodhaadbhavatisammohahsammohaatsmritivibhramah | smritibhramshaadbuddhinaashobuddhinaashaatpranashyati ||”

Now this one is my favorite. If I had a coin for every time I was pulled up by my Guru for this shortcoming of mine I would be RICH. Nevertheless change is a must for me to remain relevant in every aspect of my life. It is imperative for all entrepreneurs to have control over their anger and reaction. With anger goes away our ability to reason and we tend to become delusional. The confusion and chaos generated by anger leads to memory loss. The individual is moved away from purpose and goals. Anybody who seems to have forgotten their goals or lost their clarity of thought cannot succeed. Therefore, it is important for people to free themselves from anger. A simple solution to this problem is focus. Never lose your focus and never underestimate the virtue of patience.

“tasmad asaktah satatam karyam karma samacara asakto hy acaran karma param apnoti purushah”

Inculcate the habit of being open to everything and being attached to nothing.This is always my closing note at any conversation/webinar – Don’t get emotionally attached to your business. Attachment does give strength to work and love beyond ourselves, but it also limits us and makes our journey and growth difficult, especially if the object of our desire is taken away from us. Too much desire is bad, as it turns into greed. Greed takes you away from your true calling and dream, be it to achieve, create or innovate. you can’t receive blessing when you’ve built yourself an iron fortress of unnecessary bricks, rocks and boulders. You have to keep an open and clutter free mind about the ever-evolving market changes, adapt to them. Keep a periodic check on your goal post but do not get obsessive.

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