The Citizenship Amendment Act and Muslims

Political demagogues have created deep-set falsehoods among Muslims with respect to the CAA. They’ve played on the inherent dislike Muslims have for the BJP. The fallout of the lies and incitations has been seen by everyone and, thus, it becomes essential to deal with the rumours that’ve been spread with impunity.

Firstly, no person will be deported under the CAA. Not even illegal immigrants. It is simply an act to give citizenship to a few persecuted minorities. Deportation is implemented as per the Foreigners Act, 1946, and/or, The Passport Act (Entry Into India) Act, 1920. Also, deportation is a judicial process that is undertaken after a proper inquiry by the local police and administration.

The next bit of vile lies is that CAA plus NRC will lead to Muslims being sent to detention camps. A primary fact is that there is no CAA plus NRC. Even if the CAA had not been passed through the Parliament the NRC would’ve still been implemented. Secondly, how can any sane person believe that detention camps for Indian Muslims can be established in our democracy where not even the suit of a Prime Minister escapes scrutiny? This isn’t Nazi Germany for god’s sake!

Then there are some who believe, or, are blatantly lying, that Muslims will never again get Indian citizenship. This is absolutely false. No existing citizenship laws have been changed. A foreigner of any religion or nationality can get citizenship through naturalisation (Section 6 of the Citizenship Act) or through registration (Section 5 of the Act). Citizenship will be given on the merit of the situation and not denied because the applicant is Muslim.

The CAA in no way affects the rights of any Indian Muslim. It doesn’t even talk of rights of existing citizens no matter what their religion. Those who’re adamant on proving that the CAA hurts Indian Muslims should quote a single section of the CAA that speaks of taking away citizenship of Indian Muslims.

One last issue that probably is of most importance is why Muslims weren’t included in the CAA. It is very simple and logical. Firstly, the Partition happened on religious basis. This is a fact no one can deny. Jinnah wanted a separate nation and he got overwhelming support. He fought the 1945 election on the demand for a separate nation for Muslims and he got 86.6% Muslim votes.

Secondly, any Muslim group that faces persecution, whether it be Ahmadiyya, Shia or Hazara, is treated so on sectarian basis. Sectarian persecution has to do with various sects of the same religion. There is a difference between sectarian and religious persecution. The latter is aimed at people of a different religion.

I believe that anyone using even a little common sense and being even a bit open-minded will not find the CAA at all discriminatory or anti-Muslim, and the facts support this.



  1. Pallavi

    04/01/2020 at 23:22

    Very nicely explained. Thanks for bringing clarity on the same! Best Wishes!

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