Telangana : BJP ropes in young minds to draft Election Manifesto for 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

Bharatiya Janata Party has suddenly come in to the active mode for the upcoming General Elections for the Lok Sabha, the schedule for which is expected to be announced by the Election Commission on 9th of March to set the ball rolling. This, after a 3 month silence, post the elections held in Telangana for the state Assembly.

There had been disappointment in the minds of the youth of BJP in Telangana State after the results were announced on December 11th last year. From the previous strength of 5, the tally of BJP had come down to just 1 in a most unexpected manner. The perception of the youth who worked for the party was that the message of development done by the Central Government for the welfare of Telangana State did not reach the ground zero to all the beneficiaries. The information about the contribution of the Central Government share in various schemes in the state did not reach the common man and it was perceived to have been entirely done by the state Government.

To change the mindset and further the engagement with people across different sectors BJP Telangana has constituted a manifesto committee for the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. This committee, the first of its kind, comprises of Seniors, Women and Young leaders including Rakesh Reddy, Abhishek Jagini, Sumiran Komarraju, Lavanya K Shetty,  and others.

The team members are happy that, the leadership has entrusted with the responsibility, “with a firm belief in the eligibility and capability of young minds who will be the driving force of Indian Economy”

The committee will conduct interactions and engagement programmes across Telangana, reaching out to people from different backgrounds and strata. The programs will have drop boxes where in people can drop their suggestions, ideas and requirements for the enhancement of the quality of life.

“Democracy is the basic pillar of our nation, every citizen has the right to be heard, through this Unique program we are collecting public opinion and by including their opinions, ideas, needs, will help in building a New India. Though Narendra Modi Ji takes many suggestions through the NaMo app, this program aims to make sure everybody’s voice is heard in making of the vision document of New India”, the team opined.

This engagement is expected to lead towards change in perception of the voters, particularly the youth who form the largest group of our population in India today.

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