Election 2019

Sadhvi Pragya – The survivor

BJP’s candidate from Bhopal – Sadhvi Pragya. Ever since it was announced, the opposition, Media have been writing/speaking non stop about her selection and still calling her a terrorist.

It’s known to everyone how Sadhvi Pragya was framed and Brutalised endlessly. Modus Operendi was to give legitimacy to the new word Coinage of “Saffron Terrorism”. They needed self confessions, by hook or by crook, from the Sadhvi and Col Purohit. See the video, to know first-hand the animalistic brutality that both the innocents were subjected, to get their confessions. A female Sadhvi was endlessly belted and physically tortured at the hands of all male Constables of ATS.
It’s a Miracle that she survived.

THE then Home Minister, who, at the behest of remote control holder of UPA Govt, entrusted the job of getting confessions to Mr Hemant Karkare. Recall how the Law of Karma caught with Karkare, who died most unexpectedly in the most violent way, at the hands of Pakistanis.

Today Sadhvi Pragya did a press conference and spoke about the tortures and broke into tears while speaking. We need to salute this lone warrior who took that all by HERSELF without giving away-to their designs of implicating RSS. We are grateful to her that she stood firm against all those modern day AURANGZEBS who wanted to brand all of us as HINDU TERRORISTS.

By fielding Sadhvi Pragya, the BJP has made people realise what would happen, the consequences, if the anti Hindu forces come back to power again. It’s a wake up call for the Hindus.


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