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The dates for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections have been announced and the countdown has begun. History was made on 16th May 2014, when Narendra Modi took oath as the Prime Minister of India. It was a momentous and emotional event in the country’s political history. Historic, because for the first time BJP got full majority on it’s own. The CONgress party went into a state of deep shock for almost a year, unable to digest the ignominy of the defeat.

The last five years have been eventful, not only for Mr. Modi but also for us, the people of India. After having recovered from the humiliating drubbing by the voters, the CONgress Party started it’s sinister campaign to once again malign the reputation of the Prime Minister. Instead of doing introspection and accepting the defeat with grace and humility, they resorted to extremely low level cheap stunts to defame the Government. The well greased and loyal ecosystem sprung into action and thus began the project titled “INTOLERANCE”. All of a sudden, our great country was labelled as Intolerant, Lynchistan and the majority community as fascists. Renowned people started returning their awards, open letters were written to the Prime Minister, signature campaigns against the Govt were started, prominent personalities expressed fears regarding their safety. The latest to join the project are 108 economists, social scientists from India and overseas, raising doubts on credibility of Govt data on Jobs, thus rubbishing even the CII survey. Fake narratives were carefully crafted and the loyalists in the Media blatantly spread the falsehood to mislead the gullible people. Incidents were picked up selectively to suit the narrative. Thanks to Social Media, most of the fake stories were busted by smart and alert Internet warriors. The Church Attacks, Award wapsi, Judiciary in danger, Undeclared Emergency etc all failed miserably. But even then they didn’t stop and are repeating them brazenly even now.

What does this so called ‘grand old party’ have to offer to the people except lies, hollow promises and a nincompoop as Prime Minister! In a desperate last ditch attempt, the granny’s look alike has been forced to jump into the political arena ‘OFFICIALLY’ to somehow save the party from a certain defeat. In her first speech, when she spoke about the poor farmers, the women and asked why they haven’t progressed, irony died a thousand deaths. In the last 55 plus years what did her family do for the same poor farmers, for the women, the youth? These are questions she should ask herself instead of demanding answers from Mr. Modi who has done humongous work in the last 5 years and with Honesty. His sheer endurance, toughness, and indefatigability is unmatchable. Her family’s single point agenda is “Modi hatao” to come back to power and not the welfare of the nation. It’s disgraceful that they are even seeking help from across the border by sympathising with the terrorists and not our Armed forces. Will they tell the nation why their President met the Chinese envoy at the peak of the Dhoklam stand-off! Today he has the temerity to lecture and question the Government on China!

The people are fully aware now that it’s a anti Hindu party and is just trying to fool us by going to the temples. Since independence, they have left no stone unturned to destroy and weaken the Hindu majority. First through special privileges granted to the religious minorities. Then they provided caste based reservations for oppressed classes. They extended the reservations to OBCs, thereby creating further division among the Hindu majority. Thus, it was divide and rule all the way. The damage it has done to our psyche and ethos as a people is immeasurable.

2019 General election is going to be a battle of revival of Hindu identity against Break India and anti Hindu forces. It is going to be OUR battle so be ready. Use the power of your finger☝️and vote wisely. Please do not repeat the mistake of 2004. This is our last chance so do it for the sake of posterity. Make your vote count on the side of the good. If we could give 60 years to the CONs, surely we can give Mr. Modi a well deserved second term!

As for the G family, I have only this much to say to them that decade after decade, people bestowed their faith in you, gave you the OPPORTUNITY to RULE and TRANSFORM our great nation but every time you betrayed us.

So Goodbye. We are not going to cry for you because the nation has moved on.


Author : Vandana Jayrajan, can be reached out on Twitter id @VandanaJayrajan

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