Mother’s Day: The Rockefeller Foundation, Hillary Clinton Tweet #WithoutMom

“The world loses when we lose mom’s” says a new campaign asking us to think of a life

and join the fight against maternal mortality this Mother’s Day.

Launched by The Rockefeller Foundation, this social media campaign sheds light on preventable maternal deaths across the world. Globally, around 830 women die from preventable pregnancy and childbirth related complications per day.

Several high-profile personalities from Former US First Lady Michelle Obama and singer-actor Selena Gomez to Ranbir Kapoor feature in the promotional video.

Clips from celebrities thanking their mothers in emotional speeches serve to remind us that we owe it all to our mothers and the campaign calls for thinking about maternal health more thoughtfully.

The twitter thread goes on to say that most deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries where healthcare access is an issue, but the US has been seeing a rise in maternal deaths as well. There is a stark racial divide too, with black and brown American mothers facing higher risks.

“Racism, not race, is the risk factor driving these preventable deaths,” reads the tweet.

Tweeting out about the rising crisis in the US, Hillary Clinton tweeted:

Hillary Clinton An American mother today is 50% more likely to die during childbirth than her own mother.

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