Bahrain : Fast becoming one of the Best Destinations for Foreign Workers in the Middle East

Owing to a combination of measures including, legal reforms, the empowering of the constitutional institutions more than the past and by providing more funding for the welfare of the women, children and the lower strata of people, Bahrain is an attractive destination for the foreign workers. It is also helping Bahrain, build its reputation as one of the best countries in the Middle East.

Bahrain has been in the forefront of introducing the best possible policies for the benefit of Women, children, the differently abled, and the foreign workers which makes it one of the most migrant friendly nation in the Middle East. The population of Bahrain is approximately 1.5 million and the Government has initiated good measures of best practices in the field of Human rights to suit the Economic Blue Print: Vision 2030, which has Sustainability, Principle of Fairness and Competitive Spirit as the main tenets.


The strengthening and empowering General Secretariat of Complaints, The Prisoners and Detainees Rights Commission (PDRC) and the Special Investigation will guarantee and encourage respect for rights and freedoms of all groups with a balancing act.

National Institute for Human Rights(NIHR) which is independent in decision making both financially and in administration, is pro active and receives, examines and resolving complaints pertaining to human rights in the country. It ensures surprise inspections apart from regular visits to monitor human rights situations in correction institutions, detention centers and public places susceptible for human right violations and has resolved about 650+ cases since its inception, eight years ago. It regularly conducts trainings wrt human rights in active participation with media, youth, people with disabilities, judiciary and law enforcement officials. 55 per cent of the total beneficiaries are women. It encourages citizens to anonymously submit suggestions or complaints on human rights violations, through electronic suggestions and complaints system named Tawasul.

The Flexible Work Permit, its flagship project among the Middle East countries, allow workers to work in numerous non-professional jobs, in full-time, part-time, with more than one employer. The healthcare provided by government centers helps the workers and they are allows multiple travel on regular basis within the validity of the work visa. These initiatives have been hailed by the United Nations for best practices for labour market.

Bahrain has been voted the second best place in the world for expatriate careers behind Germany by HSBC Expat, the offshore banking arm of HSBC Group, based on study on 20,000 professionals with parameters as job security, employee benefits, work-life balance and career progression etc. Bahrain was the only one in the Middle East and North Africa(MENA), region in the top three positions had moved ten slots compared to the last year. Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) in 2002, The family Law enacted in 2017 are some important measures towards an equal society.

The training has been made mandatory to members of the judiciary, executive departments, and civil society organizations involved in dealing with violence against women and to provide a proper support system to female victims . It is a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The National Committee for Childhood has been working to ensure safe environment for all the children in Bahrain from registration at birth, providing basic, medical and education services. The Child Protection Centre from ten years since inception protects children from all forms of violence and provides affected ones with counselling, legal services and rehabilitation.

The government is giving the top priority to the dignity and rights of people with disabilities by funding in infrastructure, legislation and incentives for them and their families.







Sisel Panayil Soman

Chief Operations Officer, IndSamachar, Bahrain

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